Winter Sports

The snowy landscapes of Switzerland beckon adventure enthusiasts from all around the world.
Nestled among the stunning Swiss Alps lies the picturesque village of Anzère, a hidden gem for winter sports lovers.

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Enjoy the 60km ski domain suitable for all levels, from the top of Maimbre to La Rousse, and a 5km long run down to the village.

Ski in & out from the village centre. Buy your ski pass at the tourist office, take the village lift to skid to the gondola station – Beat the cues!

Alternatively, the free ski bus takes you directly to the gondola, (bus stop 150m from the
chalet). Runs all day, every 15 min.

Fly Park Taslan, beginner’s area, one of the most popular winter sports in Anzère

There is the Fly Park Taslan, beginner’s area, Pas de Maimbre basin at 2’300m, and the kids and learning slopes in the centre of the village.

For non-alpine skiers, take a walking & snow shoeing trails is ideal for a winter sports lover

For non-alpine skiers there is around 35km walking & snow shoeing trails, 5km cross country skiing, 3km long sledging run winding through forest and open spaces. The village centre offers a kid’s club, tele bob & organised sledge race and an ice rink. Pony trekking through the snow can be arranges, as well as paragliding, ski touring and ski safari.

Winter highlights:

  • Chalet Wildhorn is 200m from Anzère village centre.
  • Ski in & out to village centre. Buy your ski pass at the tourist office, take the village lift & skid to the gondola – Beat the queues!
  • Ski bus to telecabine takes 3 mins from Chalet.
  • A free shuttle bus runs all day. Bus stop 150m from the chalet.
  • Bus stop 150m from the chalet.
  • Skiing between 1500m-2500m with a 5km long run to the centre of the village.
  • 3 Conveyor carpets
  • 120 snow cannons
  • Village ski lift & Magic carpet250m from the chalet.
  • 58km of prepared pistes and extensive off-piste.
  • Creche and excellent children’s ski, snowboard & recreational activties.
  • Paragliding
  • 5 km Cross country trails
  • Walking & Snowshoeing, around 35km of the foot paths are open in winter.
  • 300m2 ice rink in the village square. Entrance free. Open all day.
  • A 3km long sledge run, winding through forest and open spaces.
  • A telebob and organised sledge races at the village square.
  • Pony trekking through snow can be arranged on request.
  • Ski instruction, guides, ski touring, and ski safari can be arranged on request

Anzère, Switzerland, is a winter sports paradise that caters to all types of adventurers.

Start planning your snowy escapade and get ready to make lasting memories in this winter wonderland!